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Birb Trap 00:34

Birb Trap

birbs song: copyright claimed stuff twitter - patreon - https://www.patre...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 706,223

Scrapped Memes Volume V 04:50

Scrapped Memes Volume V

putting all my mistakes together somehow makes them slightly better There aren't really anything loud, I just kept the warning from the 4rd intro song...

Published 4 months ago • Views: 3,590

meme compilation 20:28

meme compilation

A meme compilation without any stolen memes, 0/10 try again All the memes are from my second channel.

Published 4 months ago • Views: 4,699

Scrapped Memes Volume IV 05:47

Scrapped Memes Volume IV

Healing memes: Intro song by shittyflute:

Published 6 months ago • Views: 3,795

Scrapped Memes Volume I 03:42

Scrapped Memes Volume I


Published 10 months ago • Views: 1,272

Ted Cruz.exe 01:31

Ted Cruz.exe

If anyone was wondering why i removed victory screech 5, it's because someone already made it before me: ...

Published 11 months ago • Views: 2,402

Scrapped Memes Volume VI 05:11

Scrapped Memes Volume VI

Discord: EpicNutBoi: song:

Published 1 month ago • Views: 3,770

BOOK.EXE 02:50


sauce vid:

Published 1 year ago • Views: 1,021

Here is a little jazz saxophone (3) 00:35

Here is a little jazz saxophone (3)

Happy national constitution day of Nauru The mayor of Lazytown has always reminded me of king Harald V Why did it take more than 2 hours to upload thi...

Published 10 months ago • Views: 965

CNN 03:16


You gonna dox me now CNN? Don't let your memes be dreams. Memes shall not be silenced Initiate Operation Autism Storm, aka the Great CNN Meme War Just...

Published 8 months ago • Views: 1,397

second amendment [re-upload] [loud] 00:44

second amendment [re-upload] [loud]

I made this a really long time ago (March 3, 2017) but for some reason, it has been removed from youtube. It might get removed again, if so there ...

Published 8 months ago • Views: 856

Trap 00:34


think this turned out good inspired by Apandah's vid it's copyright claimed song:

Published 8 months ago • Views: 8,251

It 00:30

It's a Hard Knock Birb

Requested by Gloria Mangold inspiration: stuff twitter - patreon - https:...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 11,181

Scrapped Memes Volume III 06:01

Scrapped Memes Volume III

Today is the last day of my summer vacation; so there will probably be a drop in quantity and quality of my videos (since the quality wasn't low enoug...

Published 7 months ago • Views: 1,449

Ted Crockett.exe 00:52

Ted Crockett.exe

source video: stuff twitter - patreon - ...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 3,291

Disrespectful Birb 00:19

Disrespectful Birb

I'm thinking of changing the channel icon to a birb (probably a cockatiel). Anyone got any objections, ideas, opinions, or anything someone just f**ki...

Published 9 months ago • Views: 963,495

Family friendly important update 01:01

Family friendly important update

2nd channel: 3rd channel: twitter: h...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 2,816

patriarchy [loud] 00:57

patriarchy [loud]

Inspired by Constant Throwing: this feels like a remake of one of my oldest memes:

Published 6 months ago • Views: 2,140

Q&A 10K sub Special 10:50

Q&A 10K sub Special

10K subs / 1 year anniversary more shit below kmlkmljkl: CGPGrey:

Published 3 months ago • Views: 2,200

Scrapped Memes Volume II 04:28

Scrapped Memes Volume II

Thumbnail and editing by me. Any reupload of this video will result in a thermonuclear war Volume I: Star ...

Published 8 months ago • Views: 1,105

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